My Summer 2013 Beauty Haul

My Summer 2013 Beauty Haul

Benefit pencil eye liner
$23 –

Jo Malone rosebud perfume
$61 –

Jurlique skin care
$53 –

Jo Malone bath body product

Chanel sun care

Styling product



So, the academic is finally almost-over, finally I am able to do what I’ve started for a while. So I guess it is only fit to start with the skin dryness that I have experiencing since the change of weather from winter to spring. My skin has been normal until recently that it itches, flakes and once, bled in the driest part which would be my stomach/tummy. So this began my journey for the search of the best lotion or body butter out there.

Moisturizing is always a part of my beauty routine since I was 13. My big sister who has always stressed that the importance of moisturizing and had made sure that I got that habit under my skin. Even though so, I never had pay much attention to what type/kind of lotion/butter that I have been using. I would just get anything that caught my eyes or something that smell good.

So without babbling on too much, let’s get started. (Just bear in mind that I used these products accordingly.)

IMG_20130605_160820   Bombshell, Victoria’s Secret (RM83) – I remember buying this for the scent just right before I came to Spain. I got so much compliments whenever I put this on. The scent lingers on for a long time and longer when I use matching perfume. As much as I love it, I can’t find it anywhere near where I stay here in Spain. Can’t find a website for it too, so if anyone knows anything, PLEASE let me know. As for the efficiency of the lotion, it drys up pretty quickly and I will have to put it on once every few hours. Definitely not a lotion for my problem, it could be great for normal days or a night out. (Force – 6/10)

20130608_181558   Pink Grapefruit, The Body Shop (10 euros) – I love you, Body Shop, but this is one of the worst lotion I had for a long time. I can’t even bring myself to finish this bottle. I think it dries up way too fast, it kinda leaves a thin layer of ‘something’ (I won’t say it’s silicone, or anything because I just cannot find the best word to describe it) and it makes my skin worse. It flakes much more than before, and my skin itches so badly that it almost drives me crazy. I can’t concentrate in lectures and I was constantly scratching. It had a weird citrus scent that my boyfriend hates. So, I’m sorry, Body Shop, this is not your best product. I still think that Body Shop offers awesome products, but just not this one. (Force – 1/10)

20130601_181105   Mom & Baby Cream, Loccitane (16euros) – I thought that it would be great for my delicate skin at this moment. Apart of the weird scent, it did help a little at first. Unfortunately, once I stop using this, my flaky skin became worse. (Force – 6/10)

20130601_181045  Smother superior, Anatomicals (I think it’s about 5 euros, :p) – This is good as long as it lasted, sigh. It did help to get rid a big part of the flaky skin. My skin did gradually became better until I used up the entire thing. Smells amazing too. The funny caption on the packaging helps a lot too. It’s pretty normal for Anatomicals brand to have such caption. They usually have really cute and funny names and caption for their product. I would definitely recommend this, though not so much for their other products. Couldn’t repurchase this product as I got it from ASOS website and they did not have any restock for this particular one. (Force – 8/10)

20130601_181030   Soft, Nivea (1 euro) – I could only find this in the smallest size. What can I say about this product? Nothing much. It is just a well-trusted, well-known brand that has a good reputation. I did not see any obvious improvement on my skin because by the time I am done with the previous product, my skin has improve a whole lot. I have since bought 2 more small little jar. Still using it, though it’s only for the morning routine. Not so crazy about the scent though, it has the ‘traditional’ scent of Nivea. (Force – 8/10)

20130608_181757   Fresh Rose, Yves Rocher ( about 6 euros – got it during the sales) – The scent is the BOMB!!! Smelled so good with it and it works too. This is so moisturizing and it did an amazing job!! I noticed a huge difference on my skin after the second bottle. I didn’t repurchase the third one as I already have my stand-by product that I gotten from a recent trip to Italy that I am dying to use. But I guess I would be repurchasing this again very soon because I couldn’t find the next product anywhere here in Spain 😦 . (Force – 10/10)

20130607_144539 Delicate Jasmine, Sabon (about 20 euros, I don’t remember as it was impulse purchase :p, sorry ) – This is AWESOME!!! Smells incredible, works well and finally it did got rid of my flaky skin problem (it’s probably the aftermath of the previous product, so I guess this product kinda took all the credit from Yves Rocher. But I do prefer this product much more because it absorbs faster into the skin, and the scent is better). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any store that carries this brand in Spain nor I could find any website that caters online purchases for it. Didn’t know about the brand until I stumbled upon it when I was in Florence, Italy with my friend. The packaging is in glass bottle, in fact all of its product comes in a glass container and so basically it was heavy. Apparently this brand is very famous in Japan and other part of the world. As its packaging is a little too heavy, I didn’t get to buy a whole of this product and also because my lack of information about this brand before. But I am glad that I got it. I used it during the night routine, the scent is so soothing, it actually makes me sleep better. I kid you not! (10/10)

20130608_181635   Chanel (it was a gift) – This is just a very luxurious body product. It is very moisturizing, but because it is such an high-end product, I didn’t want to waste it away by using it everyday. I only save it for some special occasion.  It was a gift from my mama together with its perfume and body shower and stuff. Love it, treasure it. (Force – 10/10)

So I guess my search kinda ends here, for now. But I guess my hands will be itching for a look out for new products to try on pretty soon.