Back to School!!

Back to School!!

Joyrich dress
$44 –

Converse shoes
$91 –

Juicy Couture backpack

Marc by Marc Jacobs tech accessory
$74 –

Blue hair bow

$47 –


The Vacation to end Summer 2013

The Vacation to end Summer 2013

Tart blue jersey dress

Tent dress
$23 –

American Vintage pink tank
$41 –

AX Paris flower print top
$20 –

Black crop shirt
$6.25 –

Msgm skirt

Charlotte Russe bandeau top

River Island swimsuits two piece
$16 –

Purple romper

Beach purse

Furla green bag

Witchery black sunglasses
$64 –

Paper hat

Jurlique lip treatment

Chanel sun care

Hawaiian Tropic sun care
$23 –

$73 –

My Summer 2013 Beauty Haul

My Summer 2013 Beauty Haul

Benefit pencil eye liner
$23 –

Jo Malone rosebud perfume
$61 –

Jurlique skin care
$53 –

Jo Malone bath body product

Chanel sun care

Styling product

Home makeover?

So, recently, we, that would be me and my boyfriend, have made a fairly dramatic decision of redecorating our apartment. It actually started our as a joke on my side as I was having problems with my bathroom ceiling (we both have our own bathroom). The paint was chipping off and my boyfriend blamed it on all the hot bath I had over the winter. At first I jokingly said that I would hack the entire bathroom off and build a new one as I’m having a 2 month long holiday before school starts. But then the conversation got serious and I didn’t know that decorating a home would be so frustrating when there’s 2 different opinions to be considered. We did decided on how and what we are going to redecorate but unfortunately, we do have extremely different taste in things. I gravitate towards vintage furniture and he prefers much more of a modern simplicity kinda look. After weeks of not able to agree on either direction/ style/ looks, we decided to do things slowly and compromise. (He said that he didn’t like vintage furniture, or anything that resembles vintage, because the idea of vintage scares him. He told me that vintage stuff represent dead people. I just can’t stop laughing when I heard that.)

But we did decided on the paint, at least (We took like weeks before we could decide on the color scheme). As I will be going back home to Malaysia for a 3-week holiday, we thought that it will be a great time to repaint the apartment. Since I’m allergic to practically everything, like dust, strong paint odor and stuff like that, it would be better that I’m out of the apartment till everything is done.

We have decided to go on the ‘turquoise or aqua or maybe a mixture of them’ kinda color, which is his choice of color. Probably something like I have here, or maybe something lighter. Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 12.47.45 AM  I guess each brand has slight different color scheme, so I guess we can only decide on the actual color or shade when we buy the paint. Anyway, this color would be for our bedroom, study/work room and the guest room. As for the living room, and the corridor, we have decided to go on my choice of color, which would be a cream/light yellow shade. Image I’ve always love this color as it gives an illusion that the space is bigger, a lot of light, comfortable, warm, welcoming and you would just feel happy to be in this space.

I couldn’t believe that it would take us such a long time to decide on such a small detail. I’ll be leaving in less than 3 weeks time. Also, I’ll be having exams until then. He is actually feeling the pressure for not able to check out on the actual paint before I go. And I don’t want him to pick out colors on his own. I guess it will be an exciting journey for both of us. Then again, another life lesson learned.